About us

Our Mission

MaeBerry Co. strives to offer the newest trends in baby apparel, accessories, and gifts that will be sure to provide your little one with eye-catching appeal that is both elegant and comfortable. We only provide products that we whole-heartedly believe in and diligently search to procure unique, modern products every parent wants for their child, bringing them to you within an easy, user-friendly experience.


About the Owner

My childhood dream was to establish a place that would allow parents to shop for their babies and young children. The drive to create such a place continued to develop into wanting to become a buyer for children’s clothes within a department store. Spending over 6+ years working in children’s departments, I would constantly bother buyers with how their methods worked for item selection and began to fall in love with the process and merchandising. My journey toward becoming a buyer was halted when COVID-19 swept the world while I was pregnant with my third child. Becoming a stay-at-home mom during this time ignited my passion to become my own buyer -- and my fourth baby, MaeBerry Co., was born.