💜Growl Pal is here to help little ones stay brave and strong in the face of scary transitions, whether it's going to get their shots or starting a new school.

The Growl Pal helps by acknowledging that scary things happen, but they can be overcome by standing up to them and growling back!

This sweet stuffed monster has an attached soft tag that reads:

‘’Let's be brave!
When I am a little bit scared,
I growl at what is scaring me!
Sometimes when we stand up to our fears,
They scurry right away!
Let’s be BRAVE...together!’’

💜 Growl Pal Lovey: This little monster has the softest fur and warmest heart and loves teaching children about how to be brave and face their fears.

Purple plush with a heart-shaped nose. A cuddly companion to hold and hug for confidence and big smiles! Sentiment: "Let's Be Brave!"

Rainbow Toy Storage Bag

Who doesn't like to see a rainbow? Instant happiness with this colorful playmat.

Have an explosion of color and explore beautiful places while using your rainbow playmat. You and your child can learn about shapes and colors and tell stories to each other to foster imagination. Create new worlds and fill the day with laughter. When it’s time for home, clean up the toys by putting them in the storage bag. Who knew one item could have so many uses?