Growl Pal

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The Growl Pal is here to help little ones stay brave and strong in the face of scary transitions, whether it's going to get their shots or starting a new school.

The Growl Pal helps by acknowledging that scary things happen, but they can be overcome by standing up to them and growling back!

Makes a perfect gift for little girls or boys who could use a friend as they head to the dentist, move to a new house, or face other uncertainties. Also a thoughtful gift to offer a parent who is already supporting their child and could use a little extra support!

This sweet stuffed monster has an attached soft tag that reads:

‘’Let's be brave!
When I am a little bit scared,
I growl at what is scaring me!
Sometimes when we stand up to our fears,
They scurry right away!
Let’s be BRAVE...together!’’

  • Size: 6"w x 13"d x 12"h
  • Materials: polyester
  • Care Instructions: Surface Washable